Starting and growing a startup requires dedication and focus. Often (but not always) this means not working in your pajamas at home with your dog running around. So, what is an entrepreneur to do? Work somewhere else. The best place to work depends on the stage of your startup, your interest in networking and where you live. Here at GrepBeat, we have scoured the Triangle to come up with this definitive and undisputed list of where to find startup space in the Triangle. You’re welcome.

First, let’s look at the options by city and go from there.


Let’s start with coffee. Entrepreneurs are often seen hovering around these Downtown Durham locales — Beyú Caffè, The Durham Hotel and Mad Hatter’s. Of course, there are other options but these are the places where you are most likely to see other tech entrepreneurs gathering and crafting their brainchild and networking with local VCs.

Want something more permanent? There are a few options in the area.

  • American Underground (AU) has a few locations in Downtown Durham. @Main is the main location and offers open and dedicated seating as well as small offices with flexible leases. @market is nearby and offers some additional small offices. @blackwell is within the basement of the larger American Tobacco Campus (ATC). It also offers small offices. Most likely, if you are just starting out, @Main is going to be your best bet.
  • WeWork is the new fancy co-working option in the area. There are two locations — one in One City Center (the middle of Downtown) and the other by Durham Innovation District (I.D.), also fairly central.
  • The Frontier campus is the go-to spot for co-working if you want to be closer to RTP. It has less of the walkability of the city but it is easily accessible from all parts of the Triangle and it’s FREE.
  • ReCity is a popular co-working space for non-profits and other philanthropic ventures in Durham. It is fairly affordable, too.


Raleigh has a slew of co-working spaces, too. Here is the shortlist of places to start your search:

  • Raleigh Founded (formerly known as HQ Raleigh) is the homegrown and popular co-working option with multiple locations including Capital Club, Gateway, NC State Centennial Campus and the Warehouse District.
  • WeWork is in Raleigh, too at One Glenwood.
  • Industrious is like WeWork but different. They have a location right on Fayetteville Street.
  • There are other options like Loading Dock and Nest Raleigh.

Chapel Hill

There are a few options that mostly hover around UNC, like everything in Chapel Hill. See:

  • 1789 Ventures is a co-working option for all UNC undergraduate and graduate students.
  • Launch Chapel Hill serves as a business accelerator and as a co-working space, supported with a partnership between UNC and Chapel Hill.
  • Carolina Coworking is located at the core of Chapel Hill’s innovation district.


If a Triangle could have four sides, the fourth would be Cary. Cary has some co-working options:

  • Cary Innovation Center is a coworking space located in “Downtown Cary” so it’s within walking distance to restaurants, stores, and coffee shops.
  • Vibe is a co-working space that strives to empower female entrepreneurs.
  • Office Evolution