GrepBeat is a media startup covering the tech community in Raleigh-Durham. Our purpose is to tell the stories of this area’s mighty tech startups and their entrepreneurs in an engaging and colorful way. Think of it as TechCrunch for the Triangle, with a splash of BuzzFeed for seasoning.

We aim for GrepBeat to be an accelerator—in the literal sense—for this tech startup ecosystem. If we do our jobs well, your stories will reach a wider audience, both within the Triangle and in the world outside. Yes, the Raleigh-Durham area is being increasingly recognized nationwide as a hotspot for tech activity and talent. But we believe it’s still significantly undervalued; national and international perception lags behind the robust reality on the ground. We want to help change that.

Grep … What?

As for why we’re called GrepBeat, ask a programmer. Kidding! We’ll tell you. Grep is a Linux command to parse a body of data for key terms. In that spirit, we hope to parse all the news about Raleigh-Durham’s tech scene and bring you just the most important, interesting, and intriguing bits.

GrepBeat comprises our twice-a-week email newsletter; this website,, which houses all of our latest Triangle tech news; and our podcasts (Pete Meets… and Exit Stories) and web panels (Coffee & Conversation).

The Team

GrepBeat is the brainchild of Joe Colopy, a seasoned entrepreneur who founded and grew Durham-based Bronto Software as its CEO to 300+ employees worldwide before it became part of Oracle.

The site is overseen day-to-day by Managing Editor Pete McEntegart, who pre-GrepBeat has been, in chronological order: i) a Goldman Sachs investment banker; ii) a sportswriter, primarily at Sports Illustrated; iii) a comedy writer for TV/film; iv) a tech startup Co-Founder and COO.

The actual work of reporting and writing stories is primarily being done by our talented interns and established professionals from the startup community who share our goal to make said community better.


GrepBeat doesn’t just run on hopes and dreams so — yes! we will take your money. See a review of our sponsorship opportunities.


Feel free to choose a logo from the gallery below or download them all. For the colorists in the audience, “GrepBeat Red” is #e3212a in HTML and 485 C in Pantone.