Exit Stories: AssureSign’s Brinkman Recalls The Hard Choices Of Being A CEO

(Graphic | Jackie Sizing)

Welcome back to another episode of Exit Stories, proudly sponsored by Robinson Bradshaw. This week, host Kevin Mosley speaks to David Brinkman, the Founder and former CEO of Atlanta-based AssureSign, an electronic signature and digital transaction management software. Founded in 2008, this SaaS technology uses patent-pending biometric, handwritten, mouse-based signatures that enable users to integrate it with existing environments. 

Having been involved with the product since 2006, Brinkman shares valuable advice and insights into the process of growing a company that had to go through difficult transition phases with employees and investors, before AssureSign’s acquisition by Nintex in 2021.

Here are three key takeaways from this week’s episode: 

  • Always look for signs and strategies. Brinkman emphasizes the importance of asking questions about what you and your business are doing and what to focus on the most. He especially advises to look at how to enable growth in your customers’ needs, rather than looking at them as just customers. (16:12)
  • It’s important to embrace personal growth. Brinkman’s experiences as a founder and CEO enable him to speak on the challenges and to remind himself to take a deep breath and understand that change isn’t something to be afraid of. (1:10:12)
  • Make hard decisions sooner rather than later. Be transparent with your team and understand that your team will have to change. Brinkman says it’s important to have a team around you that you can trust and to seek counsel from people who understand your mission and market. (1:13:30)

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