Making History: This Is The 1,000th Headline (And Story) On

GrepBeat is all grown up!

While we still feel young at heart, this is the 1,000th story that we have posted on since our first “Hello, World!” post went live on Aug. 9, 2018. We’ve also sent 476 email newsletters in that span.

The most-read story in GrepBeat history—by more than 67% over No. 2—is “Cary-based CEO Swam With Sharks and Lived to Tell Tale of Deal” from Oct. 30, 2018. That story gets a boost in traffic whenever that Shark Tank episode airs in re-runs.

We’d like to thank the literally hundreds of startups that have shared their stories with us over the past 4+ years. Of course we’d also like to thank you, our readers, for lending us your attention and sharing our mission of lifting the Triangle’s tech community.

Here’s to the next thousand stories! And the next thousand, and the next thousand, and the next…

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