Friday Nooner: Lucy Kosturko And Social Cascade’s “Easy Button” For Pediatricians

T.G.I.F., everyone! On this week’s Friday Nooner, Pete is back from vacation at last. It turns out he arrived back in the GrepBeat office just in time to experience some downstairs flooding on Thursday. Unfortunately for Pete, he struggled to adjust to a bathroom-less GrepBeat—unlike Joe, who shared a no-bathroom-access story from his small-school-in-Boston days. (FYI the “school” was Harvard.)

The OG crew also discussed today’s national jobs report, which was much higher than expected, and Joe gave his insight on where inflation fits into the current market. In GrepBeat News, this week brought a new episode of For Starters along with profiles on Triangle startups Alight Success and ScaleFluidly. And for the startup founders wondering—no, you don’t have to pay GrepBeat to write about you. It’s our pleasure, seriously. Also, it’s literally our job.

Speaking of founders, this week’s guest was Lucy Kosturko, the Co-Founder of Raleigh-based Social Cascade, which we first profiled last August. Here are some highlights of her time on the show:

  • After seeking more advice from her pediatrician outside of her child’s 15-minute wellness visit, Lucy and her co-founder, Scott McQuiggan, helped develop Social Cascade to put pediatricians on social media. The online platform curates social media content for pediatricians, so they can still spend their time with patients yet have a stronger reach online. Here’s how the platform works: Social Cascade connects pediatricians with local and national organizations to create and schedule content for the doc’s social media. Through more accessible health communication comes happier parents and happier babies/kids.
  • Lucy and Scott developed the idea for Social Cascade six years ago and finally put thoughts and words into serious action in 2021. Since their launch, a third co-founder, Phillipe, has since joined the team, and the startup launched its MVP in 2022. Now a team of nine—thanks in part to a $50K SEED grant from NC IDEA—the startup is working to accelerate sales and marketing and is continuing to refine the product. She also wants people to know that Social Cascade is always looking to make customer discovery calls and chat with VCs.
  • As a product manager at SAS, Lucy said her background in translating between engineers and product owners has helped her hone the vision of her startup. Joe commented that he thinks the best tech startup founders are often those with product management backgrounds because they’re good at seeing the big picture.

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