Friday Nooner: Back For 2023 With Guest Jesse Jones Of Fourscore Business Law

During this week’s Friday Nooner, a Pete-less crew (get well soon, Pete!) of Joe and Jackie took the lead with special guest co-host Kevin Mosley of Jurassic Capital. [Note: Pete is fine, his dizziness scare while running Friday morning was due to BPPV (vertigo) and not something serious.] After lamenting over GrepBeat’s flooding fiasco earlier this week, the team shared some of their New Year’s resolutions. This led to a team outpouring of (mock) grief over the loss of sweets that made the ultimate sacrifice.

Though riveting, Kevin’s Whole-30 diet resolution played second fiddle to GrepBeat’s two major announcements: 1) Grep-a-palooza is returning for a second year on June 1; 2) Our For Starters podcast is returning next week with a new host, ArchiveSocial founder Anil Chawla. Both promise to be full-fat, carb-rich, and 100% good for you. Speaking of GrepBeat news, Jackie mentioned two startups, Project Transcend and Animal Cancer DX, that were covered this week on the site.

Following Jackie’s descriptions of Project Transcend’s social media platform and Animal Cancer DX’s affordable, non-invasive cancer tests for dogs, the gang welcomed Jesse Jones, founding lawyer of Fourscore Business Law. Here are some key takeaways from Jesse’s advice to startups:

  • Coming from a family of business owners and entrepreneurs, Jesse was always interested in startups and further discovered his passion after working on venture finance for the law firm Smith Anderson in Raleigh. He is a great option for startups looking for legal guidance.
  • A good resource for startups through Jesse’s law firm is his free e-book called “The New Business Blueprint.” A few more bucks can get you legal packages (for both LLCs and corporations) that cover everything from state filings to confidentiality agreements.
  • When should a startup start planting legal roots? Joe and Jesse both agree the sooner the better. In Joe’s words, don’t be “loosey-goosey,” because if down the road you receive acquisition interest you’ll want a clean profile with all your IP issues tied up.

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