Friday Nooner: The Alonsos Give A Guided Tour To Built Story’s Past And Present

Pete, Joe and Jackie welcome you back from your Thanksgiving holiday with an episode of the Friday Nooner. They talk about the cryptocurrency hack at Binance and not being able to get away from Twitter’s new owner, Elon Musk. 

Our guest this week is husband-and-wife-duo Brian and Alexina Alonso, the co-founders of Durham-based Built Story. Earlier this year, the company was one of 50 Latino-funded startups selected by Google for the company’s Google for Startups Latino Founders fund. Most importantly (to us), they were one of our 10 selected companies on GrepBeat’s 2022 Startups to Watch list. [You can find our earlier stories on the company here.]

Here are some highlights: 

  • Jackie gives a breakdown of everything happening in GrepBeat, including stories on local startups Mentorforce and BCombs. GrepBeat is also hosting a happy hour next Thursday at The Avenue Raleigh from 5-7 pm in downtown Raleigh, sponsored by Fourscore Business Law. As always, the first drink is free. You can RSVP here!
  • Pete and Joe talked about how Binance is investigating the hack impacting cryptocurrency tokens and being unable to avoid Elon Musk. Despite not following him, Pete said he still somehow manages to appear on his feed. Joe also gives us a sneak peek of his Coinbase account—both visually and verbally. [Spoiler: most of it is sitting in a cash balance rather than invested in actual cryptocurrencies.]
  • Launched in 2020, Built Story is the first ever marketplace for self-guided tours. The app has grown to over 4,000 users and offers more than 160 tours. Brian and Alexina talk about the startup’s origin story, how they are approaching scaling, and the magic of their Christmas tours—self-guided driving tours of area houses that are decked out for the holidays. 

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