Friday Nooner: Cloud Giants’ Kelly Pfrommer Joins Post-Grep-a-palooza

Just a day after GrepBeat hosted its inaugural Grep-a-palooza conference, Cloud Giants CEO and Founder Kelly Pfrommer joined Pete, Joe and co-host Chantal Allam for The Friday Nooner.

Cloud Giants is a Salesforce consulting company located in RTP. Pfrommer founded the startup in 2014 after working for years at Red Hat. Pfrommer had just had a baby and started freelancing, eventually launching Cloud Giants, which now has 30 employees.

Here are some highlights from the show:

  • Pete, Joe and Chantal gave a rundown of yesterday’s Grep-a-palooza. (You can read our full event recap here.) Chantal’s favorite part was Pete’s closing keynote discussion with Bandwidth’s CEO and Founder David Morken, which chronicled the company’s long journey. At every stage of the company’s path, Morken said he would turn for advice to his wife, whom he continues to call his “bride.” This discussion revealed Chantal’s husband’s nickname for her, which is definitely not bride.
  • Pendo’s CEO and Founder Todd Olson was also a keynote speaker at Grep-a-palooza, wearing a purple Pendo shirt. Later that day, Olson was spotted with Meta’s soon-to-be-ex-COO Sheryl Sandberg wearing an entirely different Pendo shirt, prompting much speculation about his fashion choices.
  • Friday Nooner viewers got to hear the story behind Pete’s college nickname “Pete Smack.” And no, it has nothing to do with heroin. (Thank goodness.)
  • When Pfrommer joined the show, she told the story of Cloud Giants, including where the name comes from. Pfrommer’s husband initially suggested the name as a Dungeons and Dragons lover—”cloud giants” are characters in the D&D universe—thinking it fit the startup’s mission, as you can do more with the cloud.
  • Pfrommer explained why she calls her Cloud Giants employees “co-workers” instead of employees. Pfrommer has focused on creating a strong culture as the 30-person startup is in a sweet spot and looks to create tech solutions for more companies.

Thanks to the sponsor for this quarter, which was our GrepBeat tech conference Grep-a-palooza. The event was held yesterday at the Durham Convention Center. (Here’s the recap.)

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