The Friday Nooner: The Line Between Man And Bum, Plus Klearly’s Alex Krawchick

Just a warning, the random rabbit holes in this episode are extreme. [Editor’s Note: Pete takes that as a compliment.]

On this week’s episode of The Friday Nooner—sponsored by Dualboot Partners—Pete, Joe and Chantal talked about UNC professor and serial entrepreneur Jim Kitchen being on board Jeff Bezos’ upcoming Blue Origin space launch, plus Saturday Night Live’s Pete Davidson backing out.

Our featured guest is Alex Krawchick, founder and CEO of Klearly. Based out of Research Triangle Park, Klearly is a B2B SaaS startup that uses machine learning and data analytics to empower marketing and sales teams with actionable insights. Klearly is also a former Greppys winner for Best Small Startup. Previously, Alex worked in sales and marketing for many years at companies such as IBM and SAS.

Here are some highlights:

  • Pete is offended that someone threw away a (large, almost entirely uneaten) piece of the Irish soda bread that he baked and brought into for the office yesterday in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. Since it was so nicely placed on a napkin at the very top of the trash—definitely not touching anything else—he took it out and ate it. Naturally, a conversation then ensued for about 15 minutes about whether taking food out of the trash was ever acceptable. [Editor’s note: here’s a clip from the Seinfeld episode that Pete refers to.]
  • Pete, Joe and Chantal discussed SNL’s Pete Davidson backing out of going to space with Jeff Bezos because of the delayed launch date. Speaking of, UNC professor and serial entrepreneur Jim Kitchen—whom we wrote about this week—is one of six who will be on board the Blue Origin spaceship. Jim has visited all 193 countries recognized by the U.N., and says the chance to see the Earth from space is mind-boggling.
  • Alex built Klearly out of his experience as an operator at several companies. He was frustrated with the large amount of data those companies created but were not able to leverage effectively. At age 40, he received his masters at Northwestern University in data science and predictive analytics, and launched Klearly two years later in 2017. Alex talked about local customers, funding, and the importance of data analytics in business decisions.

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