The Friday Nooner: The Crypto Bowl Cometh, Plus Guest Anil Chawla

This week on The Friday Nooner (sponsored by Dualboot) all three hosts impressed with “state-of-the-art” microphones and headsets. (Again, you’re welcome, podcast listeners). Pete, Joe and Chantal talked about tech-related ads for Sunday’s Crypto Bowl—oops, we mean the Super Bowl—Gwyneth Paltrow, and the art of going with the flow among entrepreneurs.

Our featured guest is Anil Chawla, founder and former CEO of Durham-based ArchiveSocial. Since its launch in 2011, ArchiveSocial’s social media archiving software has been trusted by thousands of organizations. The company recently rebranded to Optimere after completing two acquisitions.

Here are some highlights:

  • Fashion-wise, while Pete wore his usual GrepBeat shirt, Joe rocked a “Green Places to Work” sweatshirt that he’d been gifted. The Raleigh-based startup Green Places, founded by Alex Lassiter, can calculate a company’s carbon footprint in 60 seconds or less and then invests in carbon-negative projects on the company’s behalf. [We profiled Green Places last July and later honored it at our inaugural Startups To Watch event in September.] Joe is one of a number of Green Places’ local angel investors, led by Levitate Founder and CEO Jes Lipson.
  • Pete, Joe and Chantal talked about Sunday’s upcoming Super Bowl LVI, where the Los Angeles Rams will be playing the Cincinnati Bengals. Pete gave us a short bio on Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow; Chantal, who was impressed, called Pete “a walking encyclopedia.” [Editor’s Note: As a devout LSU fan, Pete was barely scratching the surface of his Joe Burrow knowledge.] The three also looked at a few Super Bowl commercials, and noted how some have dubbed this year’s game as the “Crypto Bowl” because multiple cryptocurrency companies will be shelling out $6.5M each for 30-second ad slots in an attempt to go mainstream.
  • Anil joined the crew and talked about moving to North Carolina after growing up in Georgia and the numerous startup ideas he pursued before finding success with ArchiveSocial. He also mentioned that having their first office in Durham’s American Underground was valuable in jump-starting the company because they were surrounded by so many like-minded entrepreneurs. In the background of his home office setup, Anil displayed a gift from his wife—a painting of the iconic bull statue in downtown Durham with the ArchiveSocial office in the background.

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