The Friday Nooner: New Red Hat CMO Leigh Day Joins The Gang

In this week’s episode of The Friday Nooner, a familiar face—WRAL TechWire’s Chantal Allam—joins Pete and Joe to help host. The tech talk and news were a bit light this week, but the trio chatted about running, some pop culture and the DogPhone, a revolutionary device that lets you video chat with your dog. (Sort of.)

The featured guest this week is Leigh Day, Chief Marketing Officer at Red Hat. Raleigh-born-and-bred Red Hat provides open-source software products to enterprises and was acquired by IBM for $34B several years ago, but continues to operate as a primarily standalone company.

Here are some highlights from the episode:

  • Joe revealed they did not prep as much as usual regarding what’s new in tech. However, the GrepBeat team did have rather a quick discussion about Kim Kardashian and Saturday Night Live‘s Pete Davidson confirming their romantic relationship by being spotted holding hands, along with the recent breakup of singers Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes. Pete also talked about TechWire’s recent story (via CNN) on the DogPhone, a device enabling you and your dog to video chat.
  • It wouldn’t be a Friday Nooner episode if Pete didn’t bring up the fact that he runs. [Editor’s Note: Damn, Jackie, that’s cold!] Chantal revealed she is not a fan of running and that she actually got a ‘D’ in 8th grade PE because she avoided doing the required mile run. This led to a conversation about what classes that the trio failed in both high school and middle school, respectively.
  • Leigh discussed Red Hat’s relationship to the Triangle and her thoughts on Apple and Google relocating here. She is a long-time Red Hatter; in fact, she was Employee No. 139. When hired in 1999, Leigh was under the notion that she would do marketing but ended up in a sales role, surrounded by “snarky engineers.” Joe joined Red Hat soon after her—do yourself a favor and check out his video application. Pete, Joe, Chantal and Leigh ended up reminiscing and looking at Red Hat photos, including one of a fresh-faced Leigh in her Red Hat cubicle in either 1999 or early 2000.

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