The Friday Nooner: NCSU Centennial Campus Rezoning, Guest Jessica Mitsch

On today’s episode of The Friday Nooner, Joe and Pete cover everything from the latest on the Apple vs. Epic Games lawsuit, to the announcement of the rezoning of NC State’s Centennial Campus’ rezoning, to a brief history of Bronto’s original branding. Guest Jessica Mitsch, the CEO of Durham’s Momentum Learning and recent recipient of a Women in Business Award from Triangle Business Journal, stopped by for an extended stay—the extra time due in part to the fact that Joe kept feeling triggered by things that she (rather innocently) said.

Here are some of the highlights from today’s episode:

  • Today, Apple CEO Tim Cook will take the stand in the Apple vs. Epic Games lawsuit. Apple’s recent claim that Microsoft is using Epic Games as a “stalking horse” led to Pete doing some deep-diving on the etymology of the phrase, which he shares at minute 4:00. From his analysis, Apple did in fact use the term correctly (though Microsoft denies the charge). 
  • One of the biggest appeals of the Triangle for tech companies is the area’s proximity to local universities, and now startups and academia are about to get even closer with Raleigh officials approving the rezoning of about 975 acres of NC State’s Centennial Campus. This plan, which proposes also adding nearly 2 million square feet of space, comes as many local startups are looking for space and big fish like Apple and Google look for a soon-to-be home.  (18:00)
  • Starting at around Minute 27, Mitsch explains that Momentum helps web and software developers gain career momentum—quite literally—and launch their tech career through a 16-week program geared especially to career-changers. Helping people transition into programming jobs is much-needed and much-appreciated work, Joe said. Although tech companies are always coming to the Triangle, the high-paying software development jobs they bring with them don’t always go to the people that live here.
  • Moving to a new town during a pandemic is tough. Well, thankfully for everyone who recently moved to the Triangle tech community in the last year, an opportunity is coming up to mix-and-mingle with locals and other newcomers, Mitsch said. On Thursday, June 10 at 5:30pm, come to the American Tobacco Campus to shake hands, grab a drink, and actually meet people in person!
  • Other teasers about upcoming events: you may be wondering what happened to GrepBeat’s Coffee and Conversation panel series, but no need to fret because the wheel is turning on it potentially arriving this fall in person. Also, with its partner American Underground, Momentum Learning is hosting another session of its Triangle startup program on Clubhouse on June 11 at noon (yes that is a Friday, and yes the choice of a timeslot that directly competes with The Friday Nooner is chapping the hides of certain TFN hosts).

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