The Friday Nooner: Greppy Awards Updates, Guest Lister Delgado

Is this thing (“thing” as in The Friday Nooner episode) on? Trust is, it was. Though if you missed it, here are some of the highlights from today’s episode:

  • The inaugural Greppy Awards (aka The Greppys) officially kicked off this week, and with one week left to go of voting, 999 votes had been placed as of the show’s filming (no, really, that exact number). Things are heating up, so don’t forget to make your voice heard by placing your vote here, and make an informed choice by reading about the nominees here. And of course, mark off your calendar—and register—for next Friday at noon for the actual Greppys Awards event, where the winners will be announced. (6:00)
  • In other exciting GrepBeat news, the infamous “Pete” NFT has been fashioned into fridge magnets. Hopefully Steve Klein, as the official owner of the NFT, doesn’t lawyer up to sue for copyright infringement (but what are the rules for NFTs anyways?). GrepBeat has extra magnets to give away, so if you want to spice up your fridge or any other metal surface, email to claim yours! (11:00)
  • It was a good night for Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney on Wednesday, who surpassed SAS CEO Jim Goodnight as the richest person in North Carolina with a net worth of $7.4B, as Epic Games raised another $1B in a fundraising round that valued the company at $28.7B. (17:00)
  • Guest Lister Delgado, a managing partner at Durham’s IDEA Fund Partners, joins at the 21:00 mark to update the latest from VC Land. The gist: the Covid pandemic changed a lot, and investors like Delgado are getting behind companies now that are building tools to help people adapt to the “post-Covid” world. Many people are hedging their bets on a hybrid working environment being a reality, for instance, and companies are already bubbling up with hybrid-specific working platforms. (27:20)

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