The Friday Nooner: Bronto Good-Bye, Pluto’s Planethood, Guest Tina Cochrane

Remarkably packed to fit into 30 minutes (OK, so it was 32), today’s episode of The Friday Nooner is filled to the brim with everything from a discussion about Pluto’s controversial status as a planet to recapping last week’s news relating to both Bronto and adtech. Tina Cochrane of Dualboot Partners—a loyal GrepBeat sponsor—also makes a guest appearance.

Here are just a few of the many highlights:

  • NetSuite acquired Bronto back in 2015, and NetSuite’s acquirer, Oracle, announced earlier this week that they will discontinue Bronto’s product. As the Co-Founder and former CEO of Bronto before he was the GrepBeat Godfather, Joe gives viewers his take on the announcement, as well as an insider scoop of former Bronto employees and where they are now. (3:00)
  • Marking a win for consumer privacy, this week Google announced a new ad privacy policy that will make it more difficult for sites to show advertisements based on your individual browsing history. Privacy and ethics continue to be a hot topic in the adtech world, and with this news and previous privacy announcements like those from Apple, some big companies like Facebook (especially) are upset. Stay tuned for an upcoming story in GrepBeat as this trend reverberates across the adtech realm, including among several Triangle adtech startups. (14:40)
  • Tina Cochrane of Dualboot Partners—which will be the title sponsor of the inaugural Greppy Awards on April 22—joins starting at 20:00. Tina explains how Dualboot helps companies create MVPs  or any other needs relating to software and engineering. Tina, who used to bring home Bronto dinosaurs from conferences for her kids, also admitted her household’s joint sadness at the news involving Bronto, meaning no more dinosaurs to bring home from conferences (but possibly GrepBeat gear?). We also discuss some potentially controversial merch ideas. (Branded switchblades, Joe? Really?!)

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