Venture Connect Presenter Chekhub Is Ready For Its CED Closeup

Chekhub is an app-based operations management solution that is especially useful in managing remote workforces.

In just one year since its founding, Raleigh-based Chekhub has managed to build a team of 14 people, receive a million dollars in bookings and is even working on a new iteration of its current product to launch later on in the year. You can see the startup for yourself when its management team presents at CED’s virtual Venture Connect summit on March 23-25.

Chekhub is a SaaS B2B platform that helps companies manage day-to-day operations like checklists and schedules in one place. It is of particular value in managing remote workforces, which have been exploding in the wake of the pandemic.

The Chekhub platform answers four key questions: where is the work being done, when is it being done, who is doing it, and what needs to be done?

Competitors only answer two or three of those questions at once while Chekhub tackles them all, said Sanjay Patel, Chekhub’s president.

Their customers include tech companies, financial institutions and hospitals. Founder Jon Trout moved to North Carolina specifically to headquarter the company in Raleigh, after previously serving in the Navy and working for two other startups in California, one of which he founded.

After leaving California, Trout spent some time in Austin working closely with Google Fiber, at the same time that they were building out in the Raleigh-Durham area. That piqued his interest in the Triangle, and after doing more research, Trout decided that Raleigh was where he needed to be to attract the best pool of talent.

“I got to know the area and really liked it,” Trout said. “I think it’s got a huge startup potential. I have a feeling there’s big things coming to the area here from technology and startups, so I’m excited to be here.”

Trout has also entirely bootstrapped the company with the help of the other employees. They wanted to get established customers and market data before going to investors, Patel said.

“Anytime you have a founder putting their money literally where their mouth is, that says a lot to outside investors,” he said.

However, the team is open to now looking for funding. They’re not in a rush, but they do want to find the right partner for them, which ideally is someone Triangle-based.

Keep an eye out for Chekhub as the year plays out.

“Our vision for this is bigger than a B2B SaaS product,” Trout said. “We’ve got some exciting exciting things coming.”

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