Proposa Helps Clients Pop The Big Question: Will You Accept This Deal?

Proposa Founder Brian Onorio started his first company at age 24.

Proposa is helping clients ditch traditional PDF proposals and Powerpoints in exchange for engaging and aesthetically pleasing proposals with some serious self-awareness.

Using Proposa’s SaaS platform, clients can track what their customers look at and spend their time on. While traditional methods don’t provide insights on whether or not people looked at (or even opened) the proposal, Raleigh-based Proposa does.

The intuitive platform is available for sales representatives in all walks of life, Founder Brian Onorio said. Not to mention startup founders desperate to know if potential investors have looked at their deck—and who can just “happen” to follow up right after they do and are most top-of-mind.

Clients can track their progress on the software’s dashboard.

I think the most important feature is that when you send a proposal through Proposa you feel great about it,” Onorio said. “When you send a proposal through our platform you’re giving your best foot and best effort. Your clients can see that and it will separate you from the crowd.”

After graduating from North Carolina State University, Onorio founded Walk West,web design development company, in 2014 at 24 years old.

Over time, he tired of sending the same old PDF proposals, so he built a prototype to make proposals digital and more engaging.

With the new platform, his company closed 70 percent of deals that came their way, which helped them scale their business and realize which types of proposals worked best.

As people began to ask Onorio and his team about the platform they used to build proposals, he realized there was a gap in the market that his team’s solution could fill.

After being released to the public in May 2018, Proposa already has 225 accounts with around 700 independent users.

Onorio said the platform gives an additional edge for clients to stay on top of prospects and know when their prospects are viewing their proposals via automatic notifications. 

With Proposa’s analytical database tracking wins and losses for clients, the platform has helped close over $15 million for companies in all 50 states that are using the platform.

The company currently has two full-time employees and has raised $250,000 from angel investors and family and friends. In the coming year, they hope to raise funding for the next round and get into the enterprise space to serve larger clients.

“I think we are going to raise some eyebrows and take the domestic B2B market by storm,” Onorio said. “We see a lot of opportunities to grow and help clients close their deals. At the end of the day, if they’re winning, we’re winning.”