Klearly Analytics Helps Businesses Better Map Their Marketing Efforts

From left to right, Co-Founder & CTO Eric Pfahl, Lead Developer Brad Rubin and Co-Founder & CEO Alex Krawchick at Klearly's HQ.

GPS navigation apps like Google Maps and Waze have done wonders for quick trips around a new town or unfamiliar parts of your own city, or even for those long road trips that let you visit a dozen cities in the matter of a few weeks.

One of the best parts about these apps is that they let you pick different routes and options to see the most optimal way at arriving at your destination. But what if this same concept could be applied to a company’s marketing team?

That’s exactly what Durham’s Klearly Analytics has set out to do. Klearly is a SaaS-based platform for B2B companies that gives these customers a “prescription” for the ideal combination of activities that influence winning new business.

CEO Alex Krawchick explained that Klearly uses machine learning and data analytics to help a company’s marketing and sales teams with actionable recommendations for its future strategies.

“We’re trying to help businesses understand the influence of all of (its) sales and marketing activities —what is specifically contributing to revenue, and what is not contributing to revenue,” Krawchick said. “And we can do that through machine learning and pattern recognition.”

Beta With Big Names

Klearly is still in its beta stage, but Krawchick said that companies like IBM and Red Hat have signed up for its beta testing. Currently, Klearly has an “oversubscription” of companies that want to sign up for the beta testing, and Krawchick said it currently has about five companies signed up. Krawchick also said that Klearly is expected to fully launch this spring.

Krawchick explained that he’s been in the sales and marketing field for about 20 years, and became frustrated with the lack of transparency with data. He said that data just wasn’t being used effectively to provide insights for businesses and that Klearly is effective because it uses “a blend of art and science.”

In addition to his professional experience, Krawchick went back to school at Northwestern University’s data science program for about two years to receive his Master’s degree. Although he never expected to become an entrepreneur himself, because of his passion to help companies grow and find useful insights, he founded Klearly in 2017 with Co-Founder and CTO Eric Pfahl.

Not only does Klearly help with finding actionable recommendations and insights based off of machine learning, but it also helps marketing professionals quantify what they’re contributing to their company, which is a significant problem that marketing teams are experiencing, Krawchick said. That also enables companies to make more informed decisions on their marketing strategies and personnel.

Klearly recently was able to raise $600,000 in seed capital from less than a dozen investors, Krawchick said. The company plans to raise an institutional round of funding from venture capitalists this year.

Says Krawchick, “Klearly wants to help companies optimize their resources for optimal sales and revenue and help them grow quicker than they are today.” All without getting lost along the way.

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