How PerfectScale Aims To Become More “Perfect” With $7.1M Funding Round

The PerfectScale executive team, from left: Eli Birger, CTO and Co-Founder; Amir Banet, CEO and Co-Founder; and Michael Sklyar, VP of R&D.

PerfectScale just got even more perfect. The Cary-based startup led by CEO Amir Banet announced today the closing of a $7.1 million seed funding round. That brings PerfectScale’s total funding to nearly $10 million since its launch in March 2022 . 

The round was led by San Francisco-based Blumberg Capital and includes participation from Silicon Valley-based Upwest, San Francisco-based Prelude Ventures and the Triangle Tweener Fund. Other notable firms include K2 Access Fund, Inner Loop Capital and Firestreak Ventures. We (coincidentally) featured PerfectScale for the first time almost exactly a year ago today. 

Kubernetes—often nicknamed “K8s” because there are eight letters between the “K” and the “s”—is an open-source container orchestration system for automating software deployment, scaling, and management. (Thanks, Wikipedia.) Modern applications are often “housed” in containers to save on computing power and achieve other efficiencies, and Kubernetes is the increasingly dominant system to manage such container-based deployment.

With the ever-growing cloud workloads that run on Kubernetes—with a market size that is anticipated to reach $7.8 billion by 2027—the rapid growth of adoption can make it difficult for organizations to manage the resources that come with large-scale, cloud-native infrastructure. In order to support that growth, it’s important to be able to master Day 2 Kubernetes operations. And that’s where PerfectScale’s Autonomous Optimization and Governance Platform comes in. 

This platform streamlines Day 2 operations for teams to take control of their Kuberetes environments, making it easy for any Kubernetes practitioner—from novice to expert—to perfectly balance the demand, performance and cost. With PerfectScaler—PerfectScale’s automated Kubernetes scaler—it will self-optimize and self-heal the infrastructure while adjusting to constant changes within the environment. As a result, DevOps teams can access resilient applications with less service level agreements (SLAs) breaches, better cost containment and better environmental sustainability of their entire infrastructure. 

“Our goal is to be the go-to solution for anyone that is using Kubernetes on large scales,” Banet said. “Because we are the only one that provides a peace of mind to do the Day-2 Kubernetes operation.”

PerfectScale plans to use this round of funding to expedite its pace of innovation and expand the company’s marketing infrastructure in order to simplify Day-2 Kubernetes operations. By doing so, it can directly target the performance, resource optimization and cost-control challenges that impact organizations. 

On the product side, it was previously up to the user to decide if they wanted to act on the platform’s recommendation of what the K8s program should do. Now, with this round of funding, PerfectScale will enhance the innovation of the platform as it will move to a fully automated system to relieve the user process of accessing the UI themselves.

Reducing the carbon footprint

PerfectScale’s product transformation also includes improving carbon footprint support, where the program will now be able to tell users the exact cause of any resiliency issues and how to solve them, by spotlighting the carbon footprint. For example, users will be able to know how much each physical program cluster is consuming from a CO2 perspective and what to do to improve that. Users will have visibility of the amount of CO2 they consume and are given advice on how to reduce the cost or use fewer servers to meet demand.

As another part of their funding, PerfectScale also announced plans to further its engagement with companies around the globe with the launch of a new comprehensive partnership program that will support the growing Kubernetes community. Through this program, PerfectScale will possess a leadership position in the K8s optimization space that will ensure that organizations can reach and maintain desired application performance, efficiency and cost. 

“We’ve identified staggering inefficiencies in the oversight of Kubernetes infrastructure: Businesses either overextending resources and incurring cloud costs upwards of 300% more than necessary or inadequate resource allocation resulting in service disruption,” Banet said. “Our mission is simple yet transformative – to level the playing field for optimizing Kubernetes costs and performance, turning what was once only attainable to elite DevOps and R&D teams into an accessible solution for all.”

PerfectScale is currently offering a 30-day free trial for its program’s community and freemium packages, with unlimited access and no commitments, in order to offer accessibility for startups and any organizations that are transforming into cloud-native programs. 

“We’re only charging one percent of your total cost in the Kubernetes computer space,
Banet said. “We can always guarantee to be a cost-positive solution, which means that you’re paying for us much less than what we’re able to save you from money, time and effort.”

For more information about PerfectScale and their innovative approach to Kubernetes optimization, visit

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