Raleigh’s Data Bull Has An Answer For Nonprofits And SMBs Drowning In Data

Data Bull Co-Founders Matt Elliott (left) and Marshall Worth.

Data is arguably the most integral part to understanding any company or organization. Accurate reporting of data builds trust with investors, customers and employees, and overall it makes managing information easier. But, data can also be one of the most neglected and difficult-to-maintain resources a business can have. 

For companies with little to no access to a reliable in-house data analyst—such as nonprofits and small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs)—accessing, understanding and analyzing data can be a nightmare.

Luckily, maintaining vast amounts of data can be a lot easier and faster by using artificial intelligence (AI), said Marshall Worth, the CEO and Co-Founder of Raleigh-based Data Bull

Data Bull is a SaaS data management platform focused on using business intelligence (BI) tools to deliver customized data analytic reports. Founded in 2023, this early-stage startup’s mission is to provide efficient and easily accessible data insights for nonprofits and SMBs who are drowning in valuable, yet unattainable data. 

Their alphaBI platform takes advantage of open-source products and sophisticated AI to deliver customized interactive dashboards that provide real-time data. Worth describes the platform’s AI Assistant as a tool that will allow Data Bull’s clients to “conversationally” interact with their analytics. 

If a client can’t find the exact data visualization (i.e. graph, table, chart, etc.) they’re looking for, they can type in their specific data question into a help chat box—similar to a customer service chat box—and the AI generator will pump out the exact answer. 

“The whole concept around it is making analytics more accessible and faster,” Worth said. “A lot of the time, we hear ‘I just need this answer, I just need to get on my way to answer this question.’ How this model comes in is that it’ll answer those questions quickly so that you don’t have to turn into an expert programmer to figure out how to do it yourself.”

Worth and Co-Founder/COO Matt Elliott conceptualized the idea for Data Bull when they started playing golf together. They bonded over their shared “fatigue” with how data is operated while working in their respective professional roles when they realized the vast and inconsistent amount of data to manage were way out of their job descriptions. 

Worth has nearly 15 years of experience on the technical side on products and as an engineer, including a dozen-plus years at Durham-based electrical micgrogrid installer PowerSecure. Meanwhile Elliott’s varied background includes a stint at Raleigh-based nonprofit Healing Transitions.

“Matt and I began to speak about how we can’t even get ahold of all those resources and if we can’t even do it, what hope do SMBs have?” Worth wondered. Nonprofits and SMBs suffer from this inconsistency since they usually lack the funds to hire a full-time data analyst. 

Origin of the name

That’s where the name Data Bull comes in.

“Data can be frustrating, but the ‘bull’ can be seen as vigorous and energetic,” Worth said. “That picture in the customer’s mind will come with vibrance and energy and alleviate that data fatigue problem, such that their employees can be excited again, to get up from their desk and back to helping their community.”

Worth and Elliott hope that the alphaBI platform will relieve the stress of employees and companies from having to go through unorganized, sporadic spreadsheets of data that they have little or prior experience in managing. 

Said Elliott, “We get to go into these nonprofits, we get to meet with these people, we get to really understand what they’re doing and we feel like we really tailored our platform to speak to them. We want to offer an affordable solution that can actually get them where they want to be, all the way to the finish line.”

Data Bull is out of beta and currently offering services in three tiers: entry/viewer level ($29.99/month), pro/creator level ($70/month) and enterprise/collaborator level ($250/month), which will give access to a personalized BI data specialist. Their monthly plans create accessibility for companies who want to just test their program by allowing them to cancel at any time.

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