ValueCore Reduces “Friction” Between Buyers And Sellers In The B2B Sector

Mike Genstil is the Founder and CEO of Raleigh-based ValueCore.

About 92% of buyers want to hear a value proposition from a seller early in the sales cycle, according to an article by DecisionLink.

Sales teams focused on “value selling” prioritize the beneficial outcomes a product or service offers to a customer’s business. This method of selling emphasizes the value a business will gain, as opposed to primarily selling the features of a product or service. In other words: what’s in it for them?

ValueCore is a Raleigh-based SaaS platform that helps B2B customer-facing business units—such as sales, marketing and customer success organizations—effectively communicate their value to buyers. 

Mike Genstil, CEO and Founder, said buyers have to decide whether the value of a solution is worth the price.

“Marketing, sales and customer success organizations struggle…to equip buyers with add-value analysis in a consistent, scalable way,” he said. 

ValueCore’s mission is to make this process of communicating value to the customer easier for businesses. 

ValueCore does this through a software platform that integrates with customer relationship management (CRM) systems, allowing users to create compelling messages through visuals such as PowerPoint slides, for example. ValueCore’s APIs connect to the many CRM systems used by their customers.

Genstil said there is an “age-old friction between buyers and sellers” because these entities usually have different notions for what the price should be for a product or service. 

Image of ValueCore’s five SaaS modules

For example, Zillow helps buyers and sellers have a clearer understanding of the value of homes in the B2C market. He said in the B2B area there is not usually a common framework for the value of products, so ValueCore helps decrease tension between these groups.

ValueCore first went live in 2012 as Salesforce App Exchange, working solely within the Salesforce CRM. Later it went by the name VisualizeROI before rebranding as ValueCore in May of 2022.

ValueCore’s target market is organizations of all sizes whose products or services typically cost between $15,000 to $25,000 in the first year. 

A tech business and a financial business would want different ways to sell to their customers, for instance, which is why they get different versions of ValueCore’s app. There are five different SaaS modules (as pictured in the above image) that are for sellers in various stages of selling to their customers. The modules are versions of an app that is unique and personalized to each customer. 

“Those five modules correspond to different places in the buyer’s journey,” he said. 

ValueCore sells a subscription software license to its customers, some of which are in the cybersecurity, healthcare, and financial services industries. Verizon Connect, American Express, Lenovo, and Allstate are a few of ValueCore’s customers. 

The Triangle Tweener Fund and others have invested in ValueCore, which is in its Series A funding stage. 

The company has nearly 30 employees globally in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, India and Pakistan. ValueCore is also working to leverage AI to enhance its ability to serve customers more quickly. 

“The level of scrutiny in purchases is much higher than what it was,” Genstil said. “It has raised the bar substantially in a very short period of time for sellers to communicate ROI and value in a more effective way.”

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