Friday Nooner: Getting In The Dentist Chair With GroupUps’ Yasin Abbak

Root canals are never fun, but sometimes they can lead to a great business idea.

At least that was the case for Yasin Abbak, the guest on this week’s Friday Nooner, sponsored by Hutchison law firm.

Yasin is the Co-Founder and CEO of Raleigh-based GroupUps, which helps dental and orthodontics practices pool their purchasing power to drive major savings. Back in 2021, he was getting his second root canal in as many years since moving to the Triangle in 2020.

When Yasin told his endodondist about the new startup he was launching—which originally targeted SMBs more broadly—the endodondist loved the idea and told him that dental practices could be a great fit. The endodondist became an investor and even introduced Yasin to the startup’s first customer.

Today’s episode also has plenty of chatter about Grep-a-palooza 2, which will rock the Durham Convention Center on Thursday, June 1. (That’s less than two weeks away!) We dropped the full agenda this week. Get those tickets now!

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