Friday Nooner: Talking Rats And Grep-a-palooza Discounts With Jon Birdsong

Smell a rat? It might have been coming from this week’s edition of the Friday Nooner, sponsored by Hutchison law firm.

To be clear, we’re not blaming Hutchison for the rat. Rather, GrepBeat Godfather Joe Colopy tortured poor guest Jon Birdsong—a Partner at Atlanta-based VC firm Atlanta Ventures—by somehow pivoting from his all-too-familiar references to the Colopys’ chicken colony to a discussion of rats.

Though if, professionally speaking, you want to escape the same old rat race (how about that for a transition?) you should definitely attend Grep-a-palooza 2 on June 1. Speaking of, in today’s show we unveiled a special promo code (TFN512) that offers 25% off Grep-a-palooza tickets to the first five takers on a first-come, first-served basis. Go register now!

We also talked about golf, lawnmowers and much more. You can watch the full episode on LinkedIn here and Facebook here.

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