Friday Nooner: Stashpad CEO Cara Borenstein’s “Perfect” Background

The GrepBeat team unveiled its new GrepBeat swag store “Forever Grep” on today’s show, even announcing that all Friday Nooner guests this quarter (including retroactively) will receive a $25 gift certificate to score some sweet GrepBeat gear.

Though as per usual, the gang seemed to get waylaid on the way to the news it wanted to share by falling down the rabbit hole of whether GrepBeat is, in software terms, “in beta.” Joe suggested it was, then when Pete protested he sorta walked it back before doubling down with: “But sometimes we act like we are in a beta,” which Pete (accurately) says is “hurtful.”

That led to Joe opining on what he considers to be the dismal prospects of the mainstream print media. (Also hurtful, Pete thought.) GrepBeat, however, is thriving, as Friday Nooner co-host and GrepBeat social media guru Jackie just published her first article on ZROverse, while earlier this week our Exit Stories podcast broke the news of the dollar amount of Raleigh-based Global Data Consortium’s April acquisition by the London Stock Exchange Group ($300 million) when GDC’s now-former CEO Bill Spruill revealed the number to show host Kevin Mosley.

Finally things got down to business when the GrepBeat team welcomed today’s guest, Stashpad CEO Cara Borenstein, from her “suspiciously perfect” home office.

Here are three more highlights from this week’s episode:

  • GrepBeat shouted out Triangle mover-and-shaker Bill Spruill, who recently ascended to chairmanship of the CED board after the above-mentioned $300 million exit and shows no signs of stopping his mission to uplift the Triangle tech community, especially Black founders like himself.
  • Cara spoke about Stashpad, a notepad for software developers that keeps vital notes out of NotesApps or scratchpads and recently raised a $1.8 million pre-seed round. (Here’s our story on the fundraise.) Right now, Stashpad is free, but keep an eye out for a mobile app and encrypted sync, which will be the company’s first paid product.
  • The team talks about why the Triangle is so awesome and their own respective reasons for moving to the area. Cara reveals that her pandemic move to the Triangle was in due in equal parts to love of the area’s quality of life, an abundance of tech talent and Stashpad co-founder (and husband) Theo Marin’s parents living in Chapel Hill. She also reveals that she had been following GrepBeat before her move—thanks, Cara!

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