Friday Nooner: Allstacks’ Hersh Tapadia Is Final Guest Before Summer Hiatus

On this week’s episode of The Friday Nooner—which is the last episode of the season before a summer hiatus—Pete, Joe and guest co-host Suzanne (me) had the opportunity to pick the brain of Allstacks Co-Founder and CEO Hersh Tapadia. 

Raleigh-based Allstacks is a value stream intelligence platform that gives software organizations visibility and insights into how well they build software and shape their outcomes. They do this by aggregating historical data from delivery tools into an intelligence layer delivering metrics that allow product and engineering leaders to report and forecast project progress, health and productivity. (We first profiled Allstacks in February, 2019.)

Here are some highlights from the show:

  • Before Pete, Joe and Suzanne discussed the tech news of the week, they somehow got into a conversation regarding The Vampire Diaries and Pete’s earlier tech startup, which aimed to match users into TV characters’ personality types. This means Pete was well-versed in exactly who Damon Salvatore (played by Ian Somerhalder) is, which a random fact that I did not expect. [Editor’s Note: Pete says he knows a lot of things that might surprise people.]
  • Pete, Joe and Suzanne also discussed the national trend of healthcare workers leaving the industry and forging their own tech startups. Sanford-based WIRL and Raleigh-based Ivy Clinicians are just two examples of founders who did that here in the Triangle. (See our story from this week here.) They also chatted on the recent news from Amazon that Alexa will be able to mimic human voices, including those of dead relatives. This prompted a discussion of how close this innovation comes to a Black Mirror episode.
  • When Tapadia came on the show, he detailed how Allstacks can help software companies address bottlenecks in their processes. They can see exactly who or what is slowing projects down. As a serial entrepreneur, Tapadia also told his founding story and how the startup has grown from its Techstars days.

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