Tech Culture Club: Spiffy’s Nicole Haight On Transparency, Startup Mistakes

It seems like every other week the on-demand car care startup Spiffy is making headlines for some new business development. In March, for instance, the Durham-based company announced a new $10 million investment from New Jersey-based Edison Partners, pushing its Series B round total to $32M.

And with any major new funding comes the inevitable employee growth. That’s why WorkDove CEO and show host Melissa Phillippi sat down with Spiffy’s VP of HR Nicole Haight to discuss all things managing HR for a scaling company in this week’s episode of Tech Culture Club. As always, special thanks to our sponsor, Vaco!

Here are some highlights from the episode:

  • In a company like Spiffy, HR managers have to meet the needs of diverse sets of employees, everyone from the corporate office workers to the technicians out in the field who are providing customers the services they need. So how does Spiffy create a culture that works for all of them? Haight said transparency is vital. She dives into what that actually means in practice, starting with the CEO. (7:33)
  • You don’t want to miss this: Haight reveals what she thinks is a key mistake so many growing startups make. When they’re moving quickly and making their decisions rapidly, they often choose to promote strong individual contributors before they’re fully ready to be people-leaders. Haight and Phillippi discuss how companies can combat this and what sort of support these employees need to truly rise to the occasion of working as a manager. (16:06)
  • At the end of every episode, Phillippi is eager to hear which author or speaker her guests are reading or listening to recently. For Haight, it’s all about carving some stillness into her life every day, and that includes yoga and mindfulness. That’s why she is reading Still Life: The Myths and Magic of Mindful Living by Rebecca Pacheco. (32:22)

Listen to the full episode below, and make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss any new weekly episodes. Thank you again to our sponsor, Vaco!

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