Friday Nooner: Pardot Founder, Calendly Investor David Cummings Joins The Fun

On this week’s episode, Pete and Joe declare Chantal Allam the official guest co-host of The Friday Nooner (sponsored by Dualboot). Pete and Joe also each have a new and improved sound setup—you’re welcome, podcast folks! The trio chatted about the debate surrounding a four-day workweek and the future of remote and hybrid workplaces.

Our featured guest is David Cummings, an Atlanta-based tech entrepreneur who has founded or co-founded 10 startups, including Pardot and Salesloft. He is the CEO and founder of investment company Atlanta Ventures, as well as the founder of Atlanta Tech Village, the fourth largest tech entrepreneurship center in the United States.

Here are some highlights from the episode:

  • Joe, Pete, and Chantal explore the debate of the four-day work week, meaning fewer workdays but typically longer hours per day. This discussion became an even hotter topic after high-flying San Francisco-based fintech Bolt implemented a four-day work week for its employees in January. After a three-month trial, a significant majority of Bolt’s employees said they were more productive and efficient with their time. In yesterday’s edition of GrepBeat, our Suzanne Blake talked with Triangle founders, such as Scot Wingo of Spiffy and Fred Stutzman of Freedom, about the trade-offs. You can read it here!
  • David founded the business marketing automation startup Pardot in 2007. It was acquired by ExactTarget in 2012, which was then acquired by Salesforce only a few months later. Pardot now generates over $600M in annual revenue as a Salesforce division. Fun fact—Joe’s Bronto Software was one of Pardot’s first customers.
  • David talked about the success of Atlanta Tech Village over the last 10 years; how he ended up in Atlanta after completing his undergrad at Duke University; and being the lead investor in Calendly, the world’s most popular scheduling app.

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