The Friday Nooner: Apple Coming To Triangle, Guest Amy Linnane

On this week’s episode of The Friday Nooner, Pete and Joe discuss Apple’s commitment to build a new hub in the Triangle, and guest Amy Linnane joins near the end to talk about student entrepreneurship programs at Duke. 

Here are some of the highlights:

  • The big news dominating Triangle tech this week is Apple’s commitment to establish a major presence in the Triangle, to the tune of a $1 billion investment. For those in the tech community, Joe said, there is an overall net benefit to having another big company move to the area. The Triangle is a hub of fresh tech and engineering talent thanks to the universities, but when companies start scaling, they need to hire senior-level executives. One factor that has led some companies to headquarter in, say, Silicon Valley versus the Triangle is the relative lack of executive talent in the area. Joe said Apple’s presence in the Triangle could help mitigate some of this risk by increasing the amount of executives in the area. (13:40)
  • Like anything, with pros come cons. Apple’s move—by bringing 3,000 new, (very) high-paying jobs to the area, would further strain an already ultra-tight housing market. For someone not in the tech community looking to buy a house, this could cause legitimate worry over rising housing prices. Toss in increasing traffic and other issues arising from increased congestion. Also, another concern is straining competition for already-scarce engineering talent. (8:30)
  • Guest Amy Linnane, Managing Director of Experiential Programs at Duke University, joins at Minute 23. Linnane, who ran Launch Chapel Hill for almost two years, started working for Duke in September 2019, where she has spearheaded the creation of a new summer accelerator program that will welcome six new startups this summer. Linnane also started an initiative last year in which a Duke student of any major can earn an interdisciplinary certificate by taking classes in other fields and completing a certain number of hours of “experiences” (like internships). Through a job board, companies can find talented interns who are looking to earn this certificate. That’s just what Amy’s husband Michael, the CEO of FeedStation—which we profiled in September, 2019—did. And if your startup has a job to post, go here.

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