The Friday Nooner: Talking Edge Computing And AI With Robbie Allen

On this week’s episode of The Friday Nooner, Pete is joined by special guest Robbie Allen, who besides being CEO for Startomatic (currently), Infinia ML and Automated Insights—which he founded, too—also holds the honor of being the youngest Distinguished Engineer in Cisco’s history.

Here are some highlights from today’s episode:

  • This week John Cowan, the CEO of Raleigh-based edge computing startup EDJX, explained the potential game-changing ability of edge computing during a RIoT panel. But what the heck is edge computing? Starting at the 5:00 mark, Robbie breaks down the difference between cloud and edge computing, and why (for instance) the lag time inherent in cloud computing explains why automated cars rely on edge computing.
  • Claiming to be a “machine learning” or “AI” company is getting less noteworthy as the terms are increasingly thrown around and the definition becomes fuzzy. Robbie, drawing on his experience with Infinia ML, predicts that in a few years, companies will altogether stop using those buzzwords to describe their company, as the terms will no longer enable startups to differentiate themselves. (13:20) 
  • Also this week, CED announced most of the names of the tech startups that will participate in the 2021 Venture Connect virtual summit (many of which GrepBeat already profiled, or will do so shortly). That led to Pete and Robbie riffing on how much they miss (or don’t miss) going to such events in person.
  • GrepBeat is further cementing its reputation as the best producer of tech podcasts in the Triangle with the launch of a new podcast, For Starters, hosted by Robbie and sponsored by Robinson Bradshaw. If you are looking to start a tech company and don’t know where to start, or started one and need guidance, For Starters will give you all of the advice and warnings you need from a serial entrepreneur (Robbie) and multiple guests each week. The first episode will drop in early/mid March. (29:00)

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