The Friday Nooner: The Pros/Cons Of Accelerators, Plus Bernie’s Mittens

The third episode of The Friday Nooner is complete with everything one needs at the end of a long week: an electrifying intro video (and a new outro video), a recap on the latest in Triangle tech news, and a picture of Bernie Sanders photoshopped in front of Joe’s childhood home.

Watch the recording to catch up on what you may have missed last week in Triangle tech! Here are some highlights from today’s episode:

  • Thursday’s newsletter highlighted the recent admittance of two Triangle tech startups previously profiled in GrepBeat into two different accelerators: Boostopia, a software company helping with customer support and help-desk managers, joined Cohort 21 of the Launch Accelerator; and NanoVest, a software company helping universities commercialize their research, was admitted into Techstars Boston’s Winter Class of 2021 [1:50].
  • Accelerators can be a great thing for a company (i.e., by accelerating funding, growth, and networking), but founders are cautioned to avoid the “accelerator junkie” mindset of viewing them as the end-all-be-all. Listen beginning at [2:30] to hear Joe and Pete discuss pros and cons to consider before joining an accelerator, as well as advice for what to look for if you think it is the right move for your company. 
  • The possibilities of tech never cease to amaze: shortly after the Presidential Inauguration Wednesday, a college student wasted no time creating a website to photoshop the iconic picture of a mittens-clad Bernie Sanders in no shortage of landscapes. Twitter had a field day creating these “Where’s Waldo” inspired memes of Sanders, and Joe himself made one of Sanders in front of Joe’s childhood home and other spots. The possibilities are endless. [21:00]

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