The Friday Nooner: The Best Darn Weekly Live Show On Triangle Tech

Coming at you live this week from GrepBeat studios is the second episode of The Friday Nooner. If you missed it, no need to fret, you can watch a recording of Joe and Pete’s weekly recap of the Triangle’s tech scene. The new and exhilarating intro handcrafted by Joe—think hype video for a sports team, now multiply it by a million— has reportedly been shown to even make Scrooge excited.

Here are some highlights from today’s episode:

  • In a report from PitchBook identifying the states that raised the most venture capital funding in 2020, North Carolina ranked No. 6, with half its $3.6 billion raised attributed to Cary’s Epic Games. (Fun fact: Pete has lived in five of the top seven states, including all of the top three). What makes the tech ecosystem in North Carolina one of the best? On the other hand, what does it have to do to crack the top 5? Joe and Pete break it down starting at the 3:00 mark.
  • The past year saw several trends accelerate as the business world adapted to the new normal, like the boom in ecommerce and working from home. With the distribution of the Covid-19 vaccine underway, the question is what trends are here to stay and which will disappear. Also, should companies mandate that their employees get the vaccine? Joe said companies could think of it as an opportunity to benefit their employees and accelerate distribution. [20:30]
  • We’ve said it here on The Friday Nooner before, and we’ll say it again: Folding jeans at Gap is no easy task. Thankfully, former professional jeans-folder extraordinaire Pete is here to give a live folding demonstration on how exactly to get those beautiful, crisp creases. [28:00]

To watch the full recording of the episode, click below: