Exit Stories: Steve Klein, Statuspage.io

On this week’s episode of the Exit Stories podcast sponsored by Dualboot, host Kevin Mosley talked to Steve Klein, the Co-Founder of Statuspage.io. Steve founded the startup with his brother, and the company focused on creating web pages for companies for when outages happened, showing the status of the issue to customers and hopefully reducing the number of help tickets.

Statuspage.io was acquired by Atlassian in 2016 for a deal including $30 million in cash plus stock options.

Three highlights
  • Today, companies like Dropbox, Pendo and GitHub all use the platform to keep their customers up to date on outages.
  • Klein and his brother began founding startups while still in school at NC State.
  • Statuspage.io was incubated within the prominent West Coast accelerator Y Combinator. The brothers took very little funding—just around $200,000—while they were in the program and instead focused on growing their customer base to become profitable.

Here is the full podcast for your listening pleasure, and don’t forget to subscribe! You can also find out more about Steve—including what he looks for when angel investing—on his personal website.

And for you visual learners out there, here’s the video:

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