(VIDEO FEATURE) Wotter: Girlbosses Of SwimHER Nation

Becca Segal (left) and Niki Vilas Boas are Co-Founders of Wotter.

[Editor’s Note: This is GrepBeat’s first video feature, a mini-documentary that uses a new (to us) medium to tell the story of an early stage startup.]

Cary Academy seniors Niki Vilas Boas and Becca Segal have launched Wotter, a swimwear startup designed for female athletes. A successful Kickstarter campaign helped them hit the market with their first product, a fashion-forward swim parka designed for women and girls for the long hours spent poolside at swim practices and meets. With 300 percent year-over-year bootstrapped growth, they’re next planning to expand into swimsuits.

Niki’s mom, Kate Cooley, helps them run the company, but Niki and Becca are very much the driving force—and public faces—of what they like to call “SwimHER Nation.” We could say much more, but we thought it would be more effective to show it. Enjoy!