The T-REX Summit Helps Ensure Sales Skills Won’t Go Extinct

Mary Oakley, Sales Director of Strategic Accounts at Red Hat, speaks at the Spring 2018 T-REX Summit.

Now going on its second year, the T-REX Summit will bring together sales leaders, marketing executives and founders to the Triangle April 15-16 to help local and national leaders alike learn more about being successful in the tech industry.

The T-Rex Summit aims to help industry leaders not only learn from each other but also to meet with new people, said Eric Boggs, organizer of the summit and the CEO of RevBoss, a sales prospecting software and service company.

“It’s a good summit for executives and marketing leaders in the area so they can learn and network with peers,” he said. “It’s also just a fun day for great speakers and good food.”

The summit is put on by the Revenue Exchange, founded by Boggs and Vince Beese, also the CEO of Antenna, a mobile-first feedback platform. The Revenue Exchange is a way to give back to the community of sales and marketing leaders who help generate revenue that drives companies forward. TRE provides a community of collaboration to network, learn and share with colleagues in a social environment. The platform provides free monthly meet-ups in addition to the annual T-REX Summit.  

The summit will take place at The Carolina Theatre in Durham and will be a two-day event. The event will kick off on April 15 with an evening of networking and a cocktail event at Durham’s WeWork location and then end with a keynote speaker.

The following day the approximately 250 expected attendees will listen to content presented by successful professionals in the field. Breakfast and lunch will both be provided, as well as cocktails to end the evening. All of the sessions are 30 minutes, with no “boring panels, no commercials, and no pitches,” according to the summit’s website. Early-bird prices are available through Feb. 28.

“There certainly isn’t anything like this locally,” Boggs said. “Anytime you can bring together a community that has the same challenges and objectives it makes the community stronger.”

Andy Paul, the CEO and founder of Zero-Time Selling and a leading expert on selling with speed thanks to more than 30 years of sales experience, will be a speaker at the summit. So will Sylvia Hatchell, the head coach of UNC-Chapel Hill’s women’s basketball team.

Boggs said before The Revenue Exchange he used to organize a series of half-day sales conferences called Sales James, but the business partner that used to help run the events went out of business. However, Boggs knew that because of Sales James there was a market need for these types of events to help build community, so he eventually joined forces with Beese to help run the monthly meetups and the now T-REX summit. Now that the T-REX Summit is going on the second year, Boggs said the event will prove to be even more educational and helpful than it was last year.

“We learned a lot of lessons from doing it last year,” Boggs said. “Our production value is going to be several steps above what it was last year.”

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