Quantum Newswire Gets The Word Out For Its Clients’ Clients

Lane Houk, founder and CEO of Quantum Newswire.

Quantum Newswire, a Raleigh-based company, has developed an all white-label, agency-driven public relations platform to help clients be featured on major media and network sites.

The company officially launched this month and is accepting applications on their website from agencies seeking to use the platform.

For the past 10 years, Lane Houk, founder and CEO of Quantum Newswire, built a branding and digital marketing agency. Now he and his partner have taken their previous experience and invested over $450,000 to develop this platform for other marketing agencies.

“There is a huge need for marketing software that really works and delivers results,” said Houk. “We are in the era of digital marketing and while there’s a lot of tools out there, many don’t work. So we decided we could build something better that can address some of the weaknesses and services out there.”

Ready To Roll (Out)

The company completed three months of beta-testing in December 2018 with five agencies—two in California, one in Arizona and two locally in the Triangle—along with one white-label SEO firm.

This cloud SaaS platform allows for agencies and digital professionals to upload content and, in turn, produces digital signals through marketing and press releases via their dynamic press release engine.

“There are two things you can do on our platform: you can upload your own content or you can have us write it,” said Houk. “Once you have the content and it’s on our platform, we distribute and market it for you into an omnichannel environment.”

There are multiple channels clients can choose to distribute the content to. Some of the current channels are major media network sites like ABC, FOX, NBC and CBS; over 60 different newspapers and financial content blogs; and the voice assistant search ecosystem such as Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri.

“When content gets out on authoritative and high-traffic sites it’s creating signals for Google,” said Houk. “Google is seeing the content and traffic that people are engaging with and all those different signals start to add up and create authority for the subject of that content, which is most likely the business.”

Time To EAT

According to Houk, Google’s algorithm is specifically looking for expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness, otherwise known as ‘E-A-T.’ He added that the Quantum Newswire platform directly addresses and helps agencies produce these signals for their clients.

Quantum Newswire will be adding new content marketing channels to their platform every quarter in order to increase content distribution reach and allow agencies to pick and choose which channels their content goes to vary their content marketing footprint. 

In addition to the variable distribution channel feature, Quantum Newswire also offers a WordPress plugin that agencies can install on their client websites. The plugin will include various functionality from content auto-posting to advanced technical SEO features. 

“A lot of agencies are looking for a solution that will help them get better online search results for their clients,” said Houk. “Building online credibility, authority and trust are all huge needs for businesses and the agencies that serve them,” said Houk. “Our company is introducing them to that solution with a dynamic and innovative signal generation platform.”