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Mystery Startup Theater

October 15, 2019 @ 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm


As we help the entrepreneurs who are taking a risk, sometimes we, as an organization, also have to go beyond our own comfort level and think differently to provide a new set of resources for the regional entrepreneurs. So we have a NEW concept for an exciting and unique event.

After four years in Wilmington, it was time to refresh the way we host events and wanted to spark a new interest in the local startups in the regional economy. We would appreciate your support for this event.

In March, at the DigSouth conference in Charleston, SC, the dimming light in my brain went on full power and I have been noodling on this event ever since. At DigSouth, I saw a Raleigh based entrepreneur give a flat presentation about their exciting product and business. And I wondered if they had the right person on stage presenting since the founder, who was the innovator, was so flat, was maybe tired of giving the presentation for the 100th time with little success and was going through the motions and therefore failing during a HUGE opportunity.

We have named this event, Mystery Startup Theater, or in simpler terms, “Flip this Pitch”.

Logistics of the Mystery Startup Theater Event – October 15

We have found three promising local startups, that we will not name here, who are seeking to refresh their investor pitch or their value proposition pitch to attract more resources, more investors, more community support and more clients.

We have found three high profile mentors from the Raleigh/Durham market who have agreed to communicate with the three Wilmington entrepreneurs for a month to get the REAL download of the situation, opportunities and challenges of the startup.

The TWIST to this event is that after communicating with the Wilmington entrepreneurs for a month, the MENTORS are going to take the stage and the MENTORS will give the pitch.

After the presentation, the presenting mentor will be asked the tough questions you would see during an angel investor presentation or venture capital presentation or a strategic partner presentation. These questions will be asked by the other two mentors participating and maybe some regional investors. The entrepreneurs will join the mentor to answer these questions and then address the crowd about what they learned from the mentor during this process of organizing this event.

After the three presentations are done, each of the startups will be assigned a table where the audience can approach with ideas or contacts that might help the companies with fuel for their growth in Wilmington.

One of those needed resources is the value of participation of ACTIVE mentors. I have been very vocal that Wilmington’s GREATEST untapped resource is the high number successful business executives who have relocated to Wilmington over the last thirty years.NNn

We want you to support the brave entrepreneurs who have agreed to participate when they were approached with the idea for this event.

Get your popcorn ready. It is going to be a show.


Network for Entrepreneurs in Wilmington
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Ironclad Brewery
115 N 2nd Street
Wilmington, NC 28401 United States
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March 6, 2021
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